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April First Friday at Denver Open Media with Adam Bodine

The Adam Bodine Trio joined us for April First Friday!

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About the Trio:
Out of Colorado, USA, the Adam Bodine Trio makes creative instrumental music with a postmodern attitude and energy that is positive, dynamic and open-minded. Most often categorized as jazz, their sound integrates and embraces a variety of genres, styles, traditions and cultural persuasions.

Led by pianist and composer Adam Bodine, this talented trio primarily showcases its young bandleader’s original compositions. Adam's song catalog is extensive, eclectic and it embodies a flexible framework for his spirited, and often humorous, musical personality to shine. Bodine's band is also equipped with a massive assortment of cover material, including expressive interpretations of familiar pop and rock hits, evocative theme songs, choice standards and obscure classics.



Facebook page: www.facebook.com/adambodinemusic
Twitter: @adambodine (www.twitter.com/adambodine)


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