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<p>NEW MUSIC VIDEO - by award winning digital, animation and claymation artist John Grigsby! It's already being accepted into film festivals across the country. Please check it out and share it widely if you like it. More about that below. INDEFINITE HIATUS - I'm bowing out of the music thing for a while. About 9 Years ago when I quit practicing law to circle back to playing music, I would've been a fool to even hope for a fraction of the experiences I've had since. I like to think I'm not a fool on most days and, if logic serves (even if it so rarely does), perhaps that makes me more foolish still. Yet nonetheless I've had more than my share of awesome experiences along this musical journey. But being a professional musician fills the soul to overflow just before it drains it to a drop. Then it starts all over. And it would be dishonest if I didn't acknowledge that my professional push into music is subsiding. I've got two incredible and curious kids, and a downright astounding in-every-way wife. And I've been building more things with my hands these days than with my mind. In short, my attention is being drawn elsewhere. And, for once, that feels alright. All that is to say that this fool is dialing down gigging in place of opening up to other pursuits. Seems fitting that I'll wrap up this run on October 20, my wedding day 11 short years ago, at The Walnut Room, a Denver venue I've loved since day one and which has always warmly welcomed me in. I hope you come join me/us. Tickets here. Over the years I've had the distinct privilege of recording and performing with folks I confidently call some of Denver's finest players and producers. I've played at the Ogden Theater in support of a hero: Mick Fleetwood. Sung for sold out crowds at the Gothic Theatre, supporting the inimitable Lake Street Dive. I've played a TedX Talk, performed solo at the gorgeous Kennedy Center in DC, and somehow been honored with various songwriting awards along the way. And on top of that, every now and then, I've had the pleasure of working with stellar videographers and visual artists and have released some kick ass music videos -- I say that on their behalf. For the last show (for the foreseeable future) the band and I will be playing music spanning more than 9 years of releases: 3 CDs (2 of which were named by Westword as best of given year), 2 EPs, a few singles, as well as some unreleased material. (Here is today's Westword article about my departure from music, if you're interested in more blather.) Again, I hope you will join us. Though this is not farewell, as I cannot promise to stay fully silent, it is a solid 'see you in a while'. I have a lot of creative juice still flowing but the music world is not forgiving enough to attempt to live on the fringes. More importantly for me as a singer, lyricist, and artist: I need to be 100% all in or my heart feels fraudulent. When I can be fully there, I will play again. Till then, thank you. Thank you all so much for supporting my music -- and all independent music -- over the years. I've poured everything I have into the music, the writing, the performances, videos, everything. It was a huge dedication that I would have no other way. If I may speak for other musicians out there, I'd say every iota of support through coming to shows, buying the music, watching the videos means the world to us. Please keep being our world. It's not easy being vulnerable out there. And, to me, a pillar of honest music is vulnerability. Till October 20, I'll leave you with the new video. It's for The Switch, as directed and animated by the inimitable John Grigsby. John and I got to know each other during this project, though we'd spoken years before and considered collaborating. Not only is he a great dude and incredible bassist (he plays for Gregory Alan Isakov), he created an utterly striking video, which perfectly compliments the song. It was a huge honor to work with him as our visions melded. Watch out for him -- in music and in the visual arts. He is as skilled as they come. We hope you enjoy it. If you do, please share it widely. Sharing is the new buying.</p>

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