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ACLU Presents: DNC Call To Action
In Project: ACLU Presents

<p>This coming Monday, August 4th, Deproduction will be hosting a very special live discussion about Free Speech at the Democratic National Convention. We will be hosting ACLU Legal Director Mark Silverstein for a summary of what independent journalists, demonstrators, and organizers can expect from the police and city officials in the weeks leading up to and during the DNC. <br /><br />The ACLU is hoping for a decision on Monday from the United States District Court of Colorado ruling on the parade and free speech zone lawsuit filed by the ACLU against the City and County of Denver and the United States Secret Service. As Denver Open Media is usually closed on Mondays, The Board of Directors of Deproduction will be volunteering as crew and director for the production, which will broadcast live on TV, and later on KGNU AM &amp; FM.<br /><br />Following the presentation from Mark Silverstein, there will be an interactive Q&amp;A session, followed by a presentation from the Colorado Independent Media Center, outlining the resources and support that will be provided to independent journalists hoping to provide alternative coverage of the DNC. We will also issue a call to community members interested in supporting the Colorado IMC as they play host to hundreds of visiting independent media representatives from across the globe August 19th-August 30th.<br /><br />Read more about the ACLU lawsuit at (http://aclu-co.org/docket/200806/200806_description.htm)</p>

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In Project: ACLU Presents
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