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On today’s show Johnnie J. talks about Leaving Neverland, HBO special Was Michael Jackson guilty of molesting young boys, did people that worked for him looked away while this was happening? Why didn’t Oprah say what she is now saying on the HBO special, is it the same reason she didn’t say anything about Harvey Weinstein? Hollywood seams to be blind until it is politically expedient to do the right thing! Just as Roman Polanski who raped a 13-year-old in the 70’s and is still alive and not in jail. The media wants to see what Michael did, but who are they really hiding as they tell us to look over here? Watch Candace Owens new internet TV show on the Dennis Prager Network. As she interviews Roseanne Barr. Blexitrva Also watch at this year CPAC Diamond and Silk. Help us get one or more of our artists into the top 200 Bill Board! Mike Johnson, “Sunset Highways,” Brother Deangelo T, “Broken Chains,” Fingers T, “Dark Tower Volume 1.” Innervision is also giving away prizes to the top fans that gets their group of friends to buy the most digital down loads: 1. A name listing on our site of all the members of your group 2. Gift cards for all your team to eat at a great restaurant! 3. An invite to the CD release party via in person, or Facebook, or YouTube Live April 19! Don’t forget to Subscribe to like our FB page, listen to our 6:00pm Monday/Tuesday call in radio show 720 324-7278, watch our FB, “Innervision.J, Periscope, follow us on twitter innervisionreco and sign up on our web site for our free News Letter at Donate to our nonprofit at Us these links to buy stuff: Use this link and Amazon will donate 5 percent to Innervision Car donation http://¬www.cardonatingiseasy¬.org/donate/¬?CharityID=4015 - Toll Free Donation (7 days a week): 855 500-RIDES (7433) Charity ID 4015 • eBay for Charity PayPal Donations Page
Published: 3/05/2019 0 Comments
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