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In Project: Views from Denver

<p>Three Colorado State Legislators report on interim committees to the Denver League of Women Voters 11/17/09: Senator Morgan Carroll reports on Pinnacol Assurance's illegal behavior in paying bonuses to employees to deny claims, and also in amassing $2 billion for the illegal purpose of purchasing another insurance company. Surprise: the $2 billion is now described as $1.2 billion!!! Rep. Karen Middleton reports on the education financing situation, including when small or rural districts believe they do not have the ability to hire Special Education teachers who are hearing and speech experts, cutting school budgets, transparency and Outcomes Based Education (OBE). Sen. Rollie Heath of Boulder County discusses five bills to be proposed soon to assign DU to review the tax structure history of Colorado, to create a Constitutional REVISION COMMITTEE, SB228 to collect a RAINY DAY FUND, higher ed flexibility, to allow nonprofits to contract in a "meaningful way" with the state. Heath also discusses creation of all day preschool programs, funding of mental health services, building maintenance and transportation. Heath recalls the refunds to taxpayers of $3.6 million, the tax rate reduction from 5 percent to 4.6 %; and the state sales tax reduction of Owens' administration. Heath states Colorado is the 47th lowest in personal income tax, the 9th richest, 47th in public education, and other rankings.</p>

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In Project: Views from Denver
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