Talkin' Shop w/ Anthony Crawford Ep. 1
Published: 08-08-18

The inaugural night of Talkin’ Shop!

Anthony Crawford kicks it off explaining how he uses open mics to pump out and polish new jokes every week and shares some performance tips and tricks he uses on stage.

Free to all. Donations will go to the show. Every last Thursday at 7pm.

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Talkin' Shop Podcast w/ Anthony Crawford

Talkin’ Shop is an informational workshop/podcast hosted by Anthony Crawford. TALKIN’ SHOP IS NOT A COMEDY CLASS. The most respected and established comics from or visiting Denver, Colorado come and explain how they do things, give advice, and answer questions about comedy. FREE TO ALL. Come and pick up something new to help your comedy experience whether you’re a new comic, veteran, wannabe, or just a fan that wants to see how the sausage is made….come out to Talkin’ Shop!

Producer: wally
Language: English
Theme: Poetry, Comedy, & Avant-Garde
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