Spraycasso: Colorless Spring
Published: 09-10-16

Title: Colorless Spring 
Artist: Spraycasso 
Media: Spraypaint 
Medium: Canvas Board 16"x20"
Date created: 06/02/2016


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Spraycasso: The Art of Spraypaint

"Spraycasso : The Art of Spraypainting" is a television series that illustrates the fun & amazing world of spraypainting. The technique consists of unsing only spraycans, sea sponges and other everyday house hold items to create amazing works of art. This addicting Art form can be seen preformed by various artists, coast-to-coast, in the streets of our nations more active cities. Now, You too can learn from the same master that has teached them the techniques! 

We Hope to educate and encourage today's youth to venture from the destructive arts of graffiti and into a local galley, all while using the same media, Spraypaints.
Our mediums consist of posterboard, canvas and canvasboards, which can be easily frammed and hanged just about anywehere.  

Producer: spraycass0
Language: English
Theme: Academic, Info
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