Human Again
Published: 04-01-16
Signs and Signals
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Signs and Signals EP Human Again

Signs and Signals is a catchy alternative rock band formed in Denver, Colorado in May of 2014. Their sound ropes you in with its strong melodies and driving rhythm section. Their mission is to express from the heart in order to build something genuinely greater than themselves. With Jason Kelly on vocals, Brian Carpenter on lead guitar, John Ensey on rhythm guitar, Ryan Fraser on bass, and Jimmy Fountain on drums, each band member has varying musical backgrounds, ranging from classical training, to the “by ear” technique, to being well-versed in the punk/ska scene and their unique talents all come together to create a fantastic sound. In 2015 Signs and Signals released their debut EP 'Human Again and since the release of their first single, Fight or Flight, the band has been featured on 93.3 Locals Only and has played Denver's Underground Music Showcase as well as major theater and bar venues throughout the Mile-High City.

Producer: Signs and Signals
Language: English
Theme: Music & Entertainment
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