DPS Shakespeare Festival 2010
Published: 05-15-10
Opening remarks by Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scotts, and William Shakespeare are supplemented by Dennis Gallagher's performance of the most famous Shakespeare sonnet and also the Grand Marshall's comments. Grand Marshall Anthony Hubert seems to be having as much fun as anyone, even anticipating so many candidates for his own productions of the Rocky Mountain Children's Theatre Conservatory. Approximately 4,000 Denver Public School students participated in the festivities May 6, 2010, including the parade which gets traction after all those speeches! But if you look carefully, there are many swords flashing even before the start time, and many beautiful young maids as plentiful as the May flowers. Keep tune for upcoming "visions" of more hours of performances.
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Shakespeare Festival

<p>Elementary, middle and high school DPS students perform brief Shakespeare segments.</p>

Producer: prhoads
Language: English
Theme: Well-Being/Lifestyle
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