Serpentbird Activation EP1
Published: 04-18-18

Serpentbird Activation Episode one is about Serpentbird arriving on Earth after hitting her head in a crash landing from a spaceship that traveled through the Pleiades star system. She is annoyed, upset and angry that she was not here on Earth for a vacation as she originally thought. She makes a phone call to the Galactic Council on her red phone and finds out she is on a mission to help humanity heal and transform during their Ascention process. She calls her Grandmother who is also a part of the Galactic Council, for emotional support. She uses poetry and drumming to help tell her story. She speaks with her boyfriend Terrence who is a character based on Terrence Mckenna, to read him a poem which she thinks will help her relationship. It turns out that the poem is all about how seeking completion from a man will not allow her to obtain a lifestyle that acheives ultimate mastery.

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Serpentbird Activation

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Serpentbird Activation Series will attempt to help humanity achieve Ascention (move consciousness to higher levels) by sharing her wisdom of healing and transformation that she has gained from 800 lifetimes she has lived on planet Earth.

She uses her personal astrology chart to prove that she is here in this lifetime completing a cycle of Truth. Her use of Poetry and Drumming is to provide viewers and subscribers to be inspired to reach new levels of understanding of their divine mission as well as her own. 

Themes of Love, Healing, Massage Therapy, Art, Poetry, Environmental Activism, and Transformation will be explored through some pre-planned scripts and some comedic improvisation for each Serpentbird Activation episode. 

Producer: loriabel33
Language: English
Theme: Arts & Film
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