Children, Trauma, Empathy, and Neuroscience with Sarah Peyton
Published: 04-17-18

Sarah Peyton offered a presentation with Q&A in Denver, CO on March 16, 2018 in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network (http://rmccn.org).

Topic: Children, Trauma, Empathy, and Neuroscience 

Learn about brain hemispheres, trauma, and resonance in this informative talk.

About Sarah: Sarah brings her unique wisdom, born of a deep understanding of neuroscience combined with skill at nonviolent communication, to audiences world wide. She shows how compassion and empathy transform the brain and how we can awaken inspiration and courage, transforming our lives with peace, security, and understanding. Her first book, Your Resonate Self, was published by W. W. Norton & Company in 2017.

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