The courage of Kyle Mitchell to give a stranger a kidney
Published: 01-08-11
Kyle Mitchell joins Co-Hosts Craig Hall and Vernon Martin on our second episode of "Raise your Self Image" as they probe to understand the courage of a young man who offered a church member a kidney to save his life. Also, our three gents hold a lively conversation about a chapter in "Master the Culture," called "Take The Journey To Manhood." Vernon's email is vmartin888@live.com if you wish to join the conversation. Vernon Martin is also the author of "Conquer the Culture."
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Raise Your Self Image

Jackie Calloway, author of "Love That Would Not Let Me Go," returned to a broken marriage to reprise it and begin a new life helping people in their marriages. Craig Hall interviews this lady who recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and a local church near you.

Craig's wife, Tracy, followed this show from the control room as the subject of marriage that includes God was the topic of the day.

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Theme: Faith-Based
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