Hospitals Charging up to 8 Times as Much as Medicare for Same Services
Published: 07-23-19

Commercial insurance plans pay Colorado hospitals, on average, almost three times what Medicare pays for the same care. A hospital in Fort Morgan charges nearly eight times more than Medicare reimbursements. That's according to a new Hospital Value report on pricing and performance. VOTE 5 STARS = PLAY AGAIN, 1 STAR = NOT SO GREAT. More news at PublicNewsService.org. More discoveries from a street-level POV at vagrom.weebly.com.

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Summer activities for kids are at full pitch, and many Colorado parents might not realize that some of the same pools and recreation centers where kids meet up with their friends are also offering free, nutritious meals for anyone age 18 and younger. PLEASE PICK A STAR, 1 = OK, 5 = PLAY IT AGAIN.

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