Physical Product Meetup - April 2016
Published: 03-23-18
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Physical Product CEOs Meetup Group

The Physical Product CEOs meetup group is for established entrepreneurs (founders/owners & executives) whose companies make a original physical products.

Charles was running his own Internet company for 15 year, till he sold it. He moved on to a physical product invention that he has had for a while and went from idea to fulfilling orders in just over a year. He experience include reducing cost of startup, launching on a tight budget and getting this done!

Eric has been running an Internet company for more than 15 years but got tired of sitting in front of computer monitors so he launched a company that makes a physical product. The time he spent in the shop building prototypes, launching on Kickstarter, sourcing has been thrilling venture for him and everyday he is looking forward to the next steps.

The Internet and software get all the glory. It's not all it's cracked up to be. I love to meet the builders and creators who are getting their hands dirty making and moving physical things! So let's get together and talk shop. Topics we'll discuss include new advancements in prototyping, 3D printing, patents, alternative funding such as crowdfunding, Chinese vs US manufacturing, inventory management, distribution nationally and internationally, retailing direct vs distributor/wholesalers , licensing, warehousing/fulfillment, shipping and logistics and much more...

If you are a Physical Product Company and interested in joining, it's FREE and there are no service fees, etc. Just fill out the simple application online at http://www.meetup.com/Physical-Product-CEOs-Denver/ and we will either approve you, if you are an original Physical Product company or not, if we think you aren't an original Physical Product company.

Please be aware, as the name suggests, this group is restricted to CEO/Executive, founder/owner-level decision-makers.  The group is a service provider free zone, so NO consultants, service providers, Internet/computer software, accountants, etc.

Additionally, this is not for beginners or the just curious, there are other and better groups for you.  In an effort to maintain the candor of our group meetings, we unfortunately cannot make any exceptions, even if you have been asked to join by an existing member. Thank you for understanding! This is why we created the show! If you interested in learning, you can watch the show on TV or via the web. Thank you for understanding!

This is not for inventors that are still at idea stage, there are better groups for you like Inventors Round Table, Rita Compton is a trusted source of information and guidance, some of us graduated from her meetup to this one, so please start there: http://www.meetup.com/InventorsRoundtable/

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