Low Blows Season 1 Episode 1 "Run for your money"
Published: 04-12-12
This episode features Runa, Meson, calistoga kid, and Jettie battle it out in the streets of denver. Your host Trina is still keeping the fire hot with special guest interviews with Manny Pachuga. Find out what goes down on the "Run for your money" episode.
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Low BLows

Rap Battle (Low Blows)
This show is about a local rapper from who goes around the street of their city challenging random people to a two 30 second rap battle rounds. A $100 dollar bet (not really) is placed on the table from the co-host. Winner of the battle wins money and custom shows logo chain trophy if not host. If host does win then he/she will receive respect and an autograph from the challenged battler on their wall of defeats. The show will always end with a performance from a new local artist. The semi-grand finale will be at the end of 6 shows and the winner will receive a music video. There will be a new host every 6 shows there will be 12 shows per season. The ultimate grand finale at the end of 12 show will be several guest appearances of former guest and a big battle in the studio between the 2 guest rappers.

Producer: dewayne85
Language: English
Theme: Music & Entertainment