Life and Death - Episode 4 - Working with the Dying
Published: 03-14-16

In Episode 4, our guest is a nurse practitioner, with 50 years in the field, who provides insight into what it is like to work with people who are in the last stages of life and how to prepare for the next realm so dying well may go as well as possible. How can this help us live more fully now preparing for our death ahead of time?

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Life and Death - Living Fully, Dying Well

Life and Death

Living Fully, Dying Well 

When we prepare now to cross the final threshold of Life in the future with courage and illumination, we enrich every day we live in this world. Life and Death - Living Fully, Dying Well is a compelling television series that examines consciously embracing our own mortality at this moment in order to allow ourselves to live life more fully at any age. When we actively join with our inevitable mortality at this time, we can more deeply experience life with fearlessness, joy, grace and being fully alive. Please join us as we embark on a fascinating journey into Life and Death.

It is simply human nature and the basic instinct to survive that most people avoid thinking about death. With sensitivity and grace, Life and Death will allow us to explore this scary yet inevitable event ahead of time, rather than waiting until it stares us right in the face. Life and Death will ask hard questions to illuminate the unspeakable and fill the gaps of uncertainty with facts to free ourselves from the fears of the imagined. “What will it look like when I die?” Ends up it can be much less awful than one might imagine. The hospice doc takes us through how the body knows precisely how to die.

Other questions like, “Is there an afterlife and if not, is this it?” In the style of Charlie Rose, our expert host, Kim Mooney, a specialist on death, dying, grief and bereavement, guides us through a captivating journey into some of the key questions of life and death. Kim helps us consider how to raise our awareness of death, raise our consciousness and find greater meaning and fulfillment in each day of our lives. She and her expert guests will provide the audience with tools to try and sustain this consciousness “without falling asleep again.” 

Examining different cultures of death and dying around the world will help integrate spiritual and scientific perspectives that liberate deathbed revelations at any stage of life. A terminal cancer patient shares his personal work and the boundaries he has stepped through toward her final destination, that which we all will share equally.

The miracle of Life and Death, so easily lost in the hurry up world in which we all live, will be the center piece of the series. What steps may I take each day to live life with gratitude and embrace the most extraordinary life I am meant to experience, enjoy, savor and, one day, lose? Provocative, Illuminating and thrilling, Life and Death will help the television viewing public prepare to cross the final breath with strength and understanding so that they may exist every day with the ultimate curiosity about the miracle of life and develop higher levels of awareness and consciousness, to more easily, eventually, proceed into the great unknown, their own death. 

The question is how to live more fully now. How do we come to the realization that we are all, each and everyone of us, actually going to die, that life is impermanent and time here is limited? What can we do each waking day to find greater meaning, purpose, fulfillment, service, compassion and happiness in the time we have left? www.AwarenessMediaProd.com  www.Practically-Dying.com 


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