Week 1 Tips
Published: 01-29-11
February, March 2011 Are you interested in having a great time showing off your athletic prowess, winning prizes, and socializing with co-workers? How about helping Junior Achievement raise money to educate K-12 students about the fundamentals of the free enterprise system? Now is your chance - join bowlers from over 100 companies who have participated year after year and helped to make a difference in our community. Last year, we raised over $780,000 to support JA programs! For more information on participating in Metro Denver, contact Jessie Carrington at jcarrington@jacolorado.org or at 303-628-7372. In Northern Colorado, please contact Ken Tiedeman at ktiedeman@jacolorado.org or 970-460-1035.
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JA Bowl-a-Thon
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