Zensation Part 1
Published: 03-08-18

Soundtrack to theater production of, Zensation, Auto Biography of a Bad Yogi depicting a peek inside the mind of someone attempting to meditate for the first time, and then after years of practise. Designed to inspire and encourage begining meditators and offer another persective on an approach to meditation practise for seasoned yogi's.

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Guided Meditations by Swara

Rooted in the ancient practise of meditation, this non-traditional approach to meditation uses music as a tool to access ecstatic states of consciousness.  For the yogi experiencing attention deficits while attempting meditation and for seasoned yogi's seeking tools to expand their practise. The use of cannabis while listening is suggested but not necessary. 

Producer: Debra Musgrave
Language: English
Theme: Talk Radio, News, & Culture
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