A Drink of Life_Be Found Faithful
Published: 10-19-11
It is required in a steward to be found Faithful. Many of us are more faithful to Facebook than we are in our prayer life. This message sets the tone to be in a place of remaining faithful…full of faith
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A Drink of Life

A Drink of Life is an out reach program of "New Wine Cathedral of Worship" where Rene' Whitmore is Pastor. Pastor Whitmore has been preaching for 25years and pastoring in the Denver area for 15years. She accepted the senior position and was installed at New Wine as Senior Pastor in 2008. She is know for her prophetic preaching and her anointed singing. She has several gospel projects as well as a recent stage production "The Secret Is Out. You can also visit her on the Internet at www.godswordtv.com

Producer: dwhitmore
Language: English
Theme: Faith-Based
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