Amy Johnson Supports Donate Life Colorado
Published: 04-22-10
Amy Johnson's daughter died in a car accident and was able to save three other people's lives through organ donation. Now, as the Colorado Donate Life license plates are available, she plans to put one on her cars to honor the gift her daughter, Nicole, gave.
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Donate Life License Plate Campaign

Donor Alliance, the non-profit organization that manages the organ and tissue donor registries for Colorado and Wyoming is seeking to promote the new Donate Life Colorado license plate through Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and most importantly a viral video campaign.
Each of the vignettes will run about 20-30 seconds and will feature various parents, wives, husbands and siblings that have been touched by donation either by the death of a loved one who saved lives through their choice to be organ donors or because they have received a life-saving organ through this process.
Some of the spots will be funny, others touching and some informative - all will drive home the fact that being a registered organ and tissue donor is important and you can celebrate that choice with the new Donate Life Colorado specialty license plate, available at the DMV January 1, 2010 for a cost of $50.

Producer: nwilliams
Language: English
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