Behind the Scenes of The Conscious View TV Show
Published: 04-05-11
Behind the Scenes of The Conscious View TV Show-Introducing the show concept and the cast.
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The Conscious View TV Show

THE CONSCIOUS VIEW: Living in a Conscious World

THE CONSCIOUS VIEW TV SHOW interviews leaders in various fields to discuss The Conscious View of their particular area of expertise with a focus on seeing and understanding the bigger picture of ENERGETIC Reality in terms of where we are now in 2011 in our transformational journey to raise human consciousness!

The Purpose of the TV Show: To raise personal consciousness in the world by discussing and demonstrating what it looks like for Spirits to show up aligned with their truth (what they see and feel) and be able to express that truth clearly, quickly and appropriately in our moments of truth. Our show is designed to experientially demonstrate what is possible when a team of consciously oriented professionals from various areas of life connect to their truth AND then to each other in a dance of consciousness and personal power.

The show will be live once a week from our Denver TV-Studio with Coach Steve Toth as the Coach-Moderator and Dr Dean Allen as the expert on consciousness based on his scientific observations of 1000's of client's, tools (organ/gland energy flow patterns) for 23 plus years.

Two additional Conscious Vew Guest Host Team Members and a special guest representing the topic of that week's show will be present on each show via Skype audio and video on a large screen TV. The two conscious view team members will rotate weekly according to the guest's topic, and the expertise of our CONSCIOUS VIEW team members.

The Tools of the TV Show: All humans have the same 23 Organ/Gland TOOLS! Dr Allen has used infrared with 1000's of clients to observe the body's organ/gland language of 'energy flow patterns' that decodes human problems of DEGENERATION ...into human solutions of REGENERATION! We will be using this ORGANIC MODEL to steer the Team Cast and to maintain our ability to stay conscious of ENERGETIC Reality as it pertains to human functioning and dysfunctioning.

Producer: theconsciousviewtv
Language: English
Theme: Well-Being/Lifestyle
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