Outside The Walls - Thunderboogie
Published: 03-09-18
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Cauldron of Fools - Thunderboogie

Music's better when you close you're eyes, keep it in mind


released January 3, 2018 

Shaun Burns - Drums 
Cam Goodman - Guitar 
Mitch McCray - Trumpet, Keyboards 
Isaac Garnick - piano and electric piano on A Cry from the Dungeon 
Jack Tarricone - Saxaphone on Outside the Walls 
Mellissa Brown - Playing the voice of the unbeknownst pawn 
Michael Myrbeck - Clarinet 
Jacob Downey - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, drums on A Cry from the Dungeon 

All songs were written by Jacob Downey with the exception of Outside the Walls which was written and performed by Cam Goodman.



Producer: jnagode
Language: English
Theme: Music: Rock, Indie, Punk, & Post
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