Published: 03-23-18
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Ancient Elk - Ancient Elk

released September 7, 2017 

Ancient Elk would like to lovingly dedicate this, our first full length record, to Kyle McQueen. We will always remember you and carry on your legacy of musical wonder! 


Ancient Elk would like to extend our warmest gratitude to the following people: All of our past members who helped us discover our sound and form the group that we are today (Isaac Schiff, Derrick Bozich, Suzi Allegra, Pablo Cruz, Kyle McQueen and Anna Smith) Happy trails to you, Anna, until we meet again; Reed and all the beautiful souls from Moon Magnet who let us practice at the old ranch all those years and supported us and our mission to create cosmic music together; Ben Clary for being most excellent, patient and one of the best damn sound engineer we've worked with to date; Thomas Nesler for opening up his incredible bar and gallery, Forest Room 5, to let us record drums and bass in; Jeff Cormack for your support and help in the process of mastering this record; All of the artists who helped make this coloring book project possible (Ilya Litoshik, Megan Crooks, Jordan Lempe, Bhakti Fawn, Frank Kwiatkowski, Hunter Dragon, Cody Coffey, Daniel Rodriguez, Daniel Levy, Shira Roth); Ryan Schlictman for joining our Elk family and carrying the torch onward for our dearly departed friend Kyle; Shira Roth and Yellow Dog Printers for laying out and printing this coloring book.

members on the record: 

Cody Coffey - keys/guitar/vocals 
Megan Crooks - guitar/keys/vocals 
Pablo Cruz - bass 
Anna Smith - guitar/vocals 
Trey Tafoya - drums/vocals 

engineered and mixed by Ben Clary 
at Forest Room 5 and The Ancient Elk Lodge 

mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio 

album cover art by Hunter Dragon 

recorded at Forest Room 5 and Ancient Elk Lodge in 2016/2017

Producer: jnagode
Language: English
Theme: Music: Rock, Indie, Punk, & Post
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