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It is required that you schedule your own show weekly by 12pm noon on the Saturday before the upcoming week. It is your responsibility to make sure your show is scheduled but the staff is available for support and trouble shooting.
Most programs are generally be 28 or 58 minutes or less but if you need a longer timeslot on a weekly basis please indicate that. This is computer precise - even one second over will result in not being able to schedule your show in a slot. If this is a Radio show - the show must be any duration up to 58 minutes and under 100MB.
3 are required to secure a series timeslot.
Please submit the number of shows you will submit this year.
Radio Only Series
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Have you taken the Intro to Radio Class at Denver Open Media?
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Series Policy and Agreements:
Only one series per membership is allowed.
Missing more than 2 weeks of self-scheduling puts series producers at risk for losing their slots. You will be warned twice and the third time will result in losing your slot.
I can request changes at anytime of the year, and I can also lose my timeslot for not submitting new content at anytime.
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