Empowering Nonprofits Since 2006
Apply for our nonprofit grant 

Denver Open Media wants to empower local nonprofits and help them continue their community-based missions by providing facilities to hold classes and community events. In the spirit of community-building, nonprofits whose missions help disadvantaged populations can apply for a nonprofit organization grant for use of our facilities. 

Community Building

If your nonprofit serves women, people of color, people with disabilities, seniors, youth, LGBTQ communities, or impoverished people, or if you provide a direct service/impact in the community, you're eligible to apply for our nonprofit grant.

The Grant

For each of the above criteria that the nonprofit meets, they'll be eligible for $250 in facility rentals, meaning nonprofits can access our spaces at greatly discounted rates or for free. The total value of the grant shall not exceed $2,000. In exchange for this use of space, we ask that you allow us to take 5-10 minutes to explain to your clients/members/students what Denver Open Media is, and how they could get involved in community access television.

Simply apply now, and our staff will contact you within 7-10 days. If you don't meet every requirement but still feel like your organization is a good fit for this grant, please let us know and we'll consider your special circumstances. Local nonprofits looking to further leverage their stake in the community can also apply for our organizational membership grant.