The Power of Media
In Your Hands

Denver Open Media is a unique, user-driven public-access TV station that operates three Comcast cable channels in Denver, 56, 57 & 881HD, and three CenturyLink Channels, 8008, 8009, 8010 (SD), and 8508, 8509, 8510 (HD). We also operate a local radio station at 104.7LPFM.

Each channel is divided into 10 categories, or theme blocks, which range from "Community Issues and Advocacy" to "GLBTQ" or "Art and Film".  When producers submit content they select one of these blocks as part of the metadata collected for their show. Once the show is submitted and ready to air, they can schedule their show according to the available upcoming slots in their theme block through our website.

Like many public access stations, our community is entirely responsible for producing our content. Unlike other stations, however, community producers and viewers also determine the programming schedule of the channels. Every show submitted is guaranteed to air at least once, and our system increasingly allows producers to determine the timing of that initial cablecast. Additionally, viewers vote or rate the shows via the website, SMS/text, or email. These votes drive a smart scheduling algorithm that translates the votes, together with other community-determined factors, into a broadcast schedule. Over 250 community producers are leveraged into a self-managed marketing/PR street-team, telling their friends and family to log-in and vote.

The Specifics: Channel 56 is reserved for the most recent shows submitted to Denver Open Media. Everything submitted to DOM is guaranteed to play on channel 56 once. While the show is airing, viewers have the opportunity to vote via their cell phone or by email on shows they like/dislike. Their votes and comments are then displayed in real-time along with the bottom of the screen. Viewers also have the opportunity to vote and comment on shows at any time by searching for them via the DOM website.

For a more detailed breakdown of the automated scheduling system and how we program our channel, click here.

The shows that receive the most (and highest) votes receive the best time slot (in the appropriate theme block) on Channel 57 and its HD counterpart, Channel 881HD. On channels 57 and 881HD, you will only see the shows that the community has chosen as their favorites. Channel 57/881HD is the "Best of DOM." Furthermore, we are collaborating with other Public Access TV stations across the nation in the hope that we can use the website and our "Best of" channel to feature the best of Public Access TV from across the nation.

To search for a particular show, visit our show archive and search for the program using a keyword, show title or producer's name, and click the channel links below to watch or listen online!


Comcast Channels

(City and County of Denver)

SD - 5657

HD - 881

CenturyLink Channels

(State of Colorado)

SD - 80088009, 8010 

HD 85088509, 8510

Radio in Denver:

Radio 104.7LPFM