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Please fill out the application form below if you are interested in being featured on Denver Open Media's First Friday. Check out more information about participating in Open Music Session.

Please note that we receive many applicants, and can't respond to each one. But we will keep your information saved in our database, and we will contact you when we find a good fit for your band or performance.

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Please select the Colorado Front Range region you (if solo) or your band is from.
Open Music Sessions (OMS) Info
OMF utilizes First Friday as a community outreach opportunity so we try to select a wide range of performers to bring in audiences that are represented from the whole community over the course of the year.
This rule includes nonprofits as well. What is allowed? Statements that direct people to information about a band or an organization, upcoming events or how to support without requesting financial contributions.
We are a nonprofit and are not allowed to sell commercially unless it is as a whole or partial fundraiser for our organization.
We want this to be a smooth and successful event so please share this info with any person, nonprofit or band you invite to participate in the event.
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