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Livestreaming November 1st at 8 pm


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Support for Open Music Sessions comes from the Bohemian Foundation and from Denver Arts and Venues, whose generous grant awards have empowered local artists in Denver and Northern Colorado.

Additional support comes from our friends at Sexy Pizza, Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project, Crazy Mountain Brewery, Renegade Brewery, and Lamar's Donuts, whose donations fuel community spirit and enrichment.

Live entertainment, food, and refreshments.
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Open Music Sessions is our premiere, monthly, LIVE televised community event. Denver Open Media produces the concert/comedy with help from a trained team of volunteers from the community and it's totally free to the public. Come by! Laugh and dance your troubles away with live comedy and music and enjoy free pizza, from Sexy Pizza, and free refreshments.

Conveniently Located on the Santa Fe Art Walk 

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 What is OMS? 

A live performance video series, including comedy, music, and other performances, shot from several angles on high-quality HD studio cameras and recorded by audio engineers in the Denver Open Media Studio at 700 Kalamath Street. The sessions will take place on the first Friday evening of every month in front of a live studio audience. Take a look at our OMS archives

Those Involved

Open Music Sessions is a collaboration between the Open Media Foundation and Westword, and uses our shared technical resources, communications prowess and, most importantly, passion for Denver music.

Be a Part of Something Special

 There are lots of performance video series out there. Open Music Sessions will distinguish itself in a few ways for Musical performances: 

  • Following the “open” theme of the sessions, we will extract each instrument’s track (stem) and make them available online for fans or fellow artists to download in order to make re-mixes or other re-inventions (subject to a Commons License); 
  • Each band will briefly introduce each song by telling us something about one line of the lyrics for each song they play;    
  • To reach as large an audience as possible, the videos will not only air live on Denver Open Media’s social media channels and Radio Station but will also be featured on together with original articles and photography, which attracts millions of visitors every month. 
  • With a skilled team and top-notch equipment, all video and audio will be of the highest quality, presenting on-air talent in the best possible light.

A Musical Tradition | Watch past episodes

Uncompromising Viewability 

In most cases, the show will be open to the public, although the DOM studio is limited to 100 people, including standing room only. The entire show will be broadcast live on Facebook, and on the radio on 92.9FM and 89.3HD3 in the Denver Area. We will edit 3 songs into individual video clips, with each one including the Open Music Sessions introduction and conclusion as well as the band’s chosen lyrics and text description at the appropriate moment in the song. Those videos will be hosted with additional written and/or photographed content on the Westword website. The videos will also be available online and are licensed using Creative Commons Share-Alike License. The edited video of the complete set will also be available on the Denver Open Media web site and available for download at All talent is welcome to bring in a USB hard drive and copy any of the original source files and stems they choose.

Services Include

  • 5 Camera HD Video Shoot of your performance
  • 10 Person live production team including:
    • 1 Producer
    • 1 Director
    • 1 Technical Director
    • 1 Floor Director
    • 4 Camera Persons (3 fixed, 1 roaming)
    • 1 Sound & Lighting technician
    • 1 Grip
    • 1 Post-production person to finalize and prepare all content for rebroadcast, on-demand streaming, and packaging and distribution to feature artists and segment participants.
  • Live Streaming of Performance from DOM's website
  • Live broadcast of program on the Radio 92.9FM and 89.3HD3 in the Denver Area
  • On-demand streaming of archived program from DOM's website
  • Online Access to HD video of the final edits of First Friday program and individual song performances (also available on DVD or Blueray upon request)



  • Any group/organization highlighted in a featured segment (usually a 5 minute or less video) will receive a copy of the program via download, DVD or BluRay.
  • All media created through DOM initiatives are licensed using a Creative Commons Share-Alike License. For information on creative commons licensing visit