Comic Con 2018: Terry
Published: 07-07-18
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Comic Con 2018

Denver Comic Con (DCC) is a 3-day speculative fiction fan convention held annually in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. With to its association to Pop Culture Classroom, Denver Comic Con embraces a host of popular arts including comic books, tabletop and video games, anime, manga, cosplay, horror and science fiction, webcomics, movies, television and literature.

The convention includes celebrity panels, seminars with professional creators, actors, and artists, workshops with comic book professionals, and the DCC's Reel Heroes Independent Filmmakers Series. DCC's programming and guest line-ups promote the convention's twin missions of Community and Diversity. Among the distinct tracks of programming, for instance, the convention focused on comics and media featuring or produced by Colorado-area comics creators, women, minorities and the LGBTQ Community. Elements of the Con floor in Denver include celebrity autographs, large areas like "Artist Valley" and "Celebrity Summit", comic book dealers and collectibles merchants, as well as fan-based organizations like the 501st Legion. Cosplayers are featured during the annual Cosplay Classic (formerly known as the "DCC Cosplay Shindig"), the Opening Ceremonies with acts and other surprises, and associated events have included the Four Color Mixer and a genre-themed concert traditionally held at the Hard Rock Cafe Denver.

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Language: English
Theme: Music & Entertainment
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