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Kate Ryan is a music artist and actress born and raised in Louisville, Colorado. She loves creating videos, acting, baking (specifically vegan treats), and spirituality. She will soon begin dabbling in travel blogging.

Kate began her singing career when she took her musical abilities to church. She eventually drew interest from record labels, producers and representatives of the hit TV show “The Voice”.

 Kate has written, recorded, and released her début EP with Dean Sams of the multi-platinum band, Lonestar.

Her acting began when she would perform and film skits with her cousins and her brothers around her house. Little did that tiny girl know, she’d be auditioning for major talent representatives about ten

years later. She had a web show at 11 years old and a band at 12 years old. She was voted most dramatic in 5th grade (which at the time was a huge accomplishment) and most likely to win an Oscar in High


She practices minimalism and simplicity as much as she can and she aims to spread her love and understanding of simplicity to anyone who will listen.

She recently graduated from Whittier College in Southern California.

During her time at Whittier, Kate traveled to Costa Rica in January 2017 for a course in environmental science, and to Tanzania, Africa for her Fall Semester as Whittier at part of her Major in

Human Sustainability and Resource Management, something she is incredibly passionate about.

But it is her music that she is most passionate about.

Despite traveling the world, Colorado will always be home.

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