Schedule for Thursday, April 25, 2019

Start TimeTitleDuration
12:00 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1M6B [ADULT]00:22:03
12:22 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1H4C [ADULT]00:22:00
12:45 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1M8A [ADULT]00:22:06
1:07 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1M3A [ADULT]00:21:52
1:30 AMLaugh You Bastards Marathon [ADULT]02:30:09
4:01 AMThe Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory00:57:58
5:00 AMThe Valley of the Red Sea01:43:58
6:45 AMThrough The Valley Big Fish201:42:15
8:30 AMOMG Presents... A Youth Look at the American Prison System01:01:42
9:32 AMOpen Media Generation Presents...Rocky Flats00:58:17
10:31 AMYouth With a Future 2017 Poetry and Spoken Word00:27:07
11:00 AMBuilding Family Resiliency: Supporting Recovery00:58:59
12:00 PMTelethon_20_LinaEdwinJesseTalk01:36:58
1:39 PMCO Trust: November 201601:18:07
3:00 PMThe New Revolution00:58:29
3:59 PMFour Years of Marijuana: Colorado's Legalization Effect00:58:26
5:00 PMDabbing as a Research Method00:58:11
6:00 PMLOPC_As Ye Have Received Christ Jesus the Lord, Walk Ye In Him00:54:06
6:57 PMLOPC_CTN Rocky Mountain Minute- Pastor Leibert00:01:14
7:00 PMCannabis Workers' Issues: Getting High on Anthropology00:28:02
7:30 PMSteve Crenshaw Full Broadcast Blue Roots Denver01:28:43
9:00 PMThe Groove Zone00:57:59
10:00 PMThe Sound Chamber S1 E500:28:28
10:28 PMThe Sound Chamber00:29:00
11:00 PMMatt Struck & Friends Ep. 8 [ADULT]00:28:56
11:30 PMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1H5C [ADULT]00:22:43
11:53 PMSexpot Comedy at the Movies: Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer [ADULT]01:17:54