Schedule for Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Start TimeTitleDuration
12:00 AMGLBTQ Themeblock Bumper 201700:00:09
12:02 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1M5D [ADULT]00:23:02
12:30 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1W3C [ADULT]00:22:30
12:53 AMSexpot Comedy: Sammy Anzer Denver Comedy Works [ADULT]00:03:54
1:00 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1M3C [ADULT]00:22:04
1:23 AMSexpot Comedy's Study Hall Video [ADULT]00:02:04
1:25 AMAIDS Lifecycle00:03:14
1:30 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1W5B [ADULT]00:22:24
1:52 AMGentle Angry People00:04:33
2:00 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1T1A [ADULT]00:22:19
2:22 AMDenver's A drag : The Best of Daniella [ADULT]00:05:39
2:30 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1T1B [ADULT]00:22:12
2:52 AMDave Savage I'm not biphobic00:05:20
3:00 AMSexpot Comedy's Telematic Universe 1T4B [ADULT]00:22:17
3:22 AMCloset Frogs00:06:51
3:30 AMSister Who Presents: Episode 40000:27:59
4:00 AMCultural Perspective Bumper HD00:00:10
4:02 AMTrimming and Predatory Publishers in Cannabis Studies00:27:38
4:30 AMThe New Revolution01:00:00
5:30 AMUrban ChitChat: Funding Your Passion00:46:03
6:17 AMSDM Humanity is Truthophobic! Widow in America00:07:47
6:25 AMSDM: Intro Statement00:02:18
6:29 AMñ Moments00:00:36
6:30 AMImmigration Movie00:50:28
7:21 AMSDM at CCP Comments on SSB and Civil War00:04:51
7:27 AMSDM at CC Park National Anthem00:01:23
7:29 AMCC Smpl_056 City Feet00:00:16
7:30 AMUNCUT: Amanda Reiman Talks Cannabis00:28:21
7:59 AMCC Smpl_021 Beetle00:00:38
8:00 AMWellbeing and Lifestyle Bumper HD00:00:10
8:02 AMSDM Word Defs. of Second Amendment00:14:18
8:17 AMHer Life Is My Teacher00:11:53
8:30 AMCannabis and Non-Profit Organizations00:58:06
9:29 AMCC Smpl_026 Butterfly00:00:40
9:30 AMCannabis Trifecta: Three Awesome Guests00:58:09
10:29 AMñ Moments00:00:33
10:30 AMIndustrial Hemp: The Future of Green Building (John Patterson)00:57:56
11:28 AMCannabis-Infused Weddings00:29:29
12:00 PMFaith-based Themeblock Bumper 201700:00:09
12:02 PMLOPC_Stand Fast In The Lord00:27:22
12:30 PMEvery Nation Worship the Practical God00:58:03
1:29 PMCC Smpl_034 Hidden Garden00:00:42
1:30 PMWhere is My Home Part 100:58:03
2:29 PMCC Smpl_067 Tunnel Train00:00:52
2:30 PMOne Accord Movement Ministries_Colorado Blacks for Bernie00:28:07
3:00 PMNews Business and Government Themeblock Bumper 201700:00:09
3:02 PMDepartment of Motor Vehicles: Skip the Trip00:00:30
3:03 PMExecutive Talk - Your Target Market Means Everything00:26:18
3:30 PMThe Source eps 700:59:11
4:30 PMThe Source Episode 400:59:10
5:30 PMNewsView Broncos Country SUPER BOWL EPISODE00:29:36
6:00 PMBeware Theater - The Amazing Mr. X01:28:39
7:30 PMBeware Theater - I Bury the Living01:29:00
9:00 PMThe Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory00:57:58
9:58 PMCrazy Yeti Electronics by Happy Fatties [ADULT]00:00:41
10:00 PMWord of Truth: The Power of Prayer00:58:57
11:00 PMGrace and Truth Ministries: 3797.300:28:31
11:30 PMGrace and Truth Ministries: 3797.400:28:31