Help Us Put A Spotlight On YOU!

We are grateful to the DOM community for your hard work and incredible talents.  We want to honor all of our DOM members’ hard work, and solicit support for a space that has empowered diverse creators.

DOM is launching a peer-to-peer campaign for 2019’s CO Gives Day! A peer-to-peer campaign is a way that local community members can engage friends, families, teachers, colleagues and their networks to showcase your 2019 accomplishments. We hope you can help us by sharing your personal story about how DOM has impacted you. When your friends and family support DOM, they support your creative endeavors. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising also harnesses the power of the whole community by utilizing various social media platforms to showcase your accomplishments. You can do this by linking examples of your webcasts, podcasts, social media pages, and YouTube videos to our primary OMF/DOM Colorado Gives Day campaign. You get to show off what you've done, and help DOM out at the same time! We will be having an in-person workshop to develop your page on 11/14/19 from 4-7PM. Feel free to drop in to work on your profile! If you'd like to work on your profile at home, please take ten to twenty minutes in this submittable form telling us about your 2019 adventures. Refer to this template or this page if you need some ideas to get started. If you have any questions, please email! We hope to be able to share your stories, and we look forward to hearing them!

In solidarity,

The DOM Team (Jameson, Leslie, Jesse), Leslie Castañuela Barnes, Director of Development