Equipment Access Membership Discount

Spend $250. Save $750 dollars.
Create Uncompromising Shows

Open Media Foundation offers a discounted membership for individuals who demonstrate financial need. To qualify, you'll need to submit proof of need –– documentation from another agency (we've provided a list below) –– or you'll need to schedule a meeting with Denver Open Media staff (send an email to and provide proof of need, as well as have an ID that matches the documentation you submit. If you qualify for the discount, you'll get an Studio Access Membership for $250, or 75% off.

*After you submit the application, we will review it and contact you within 7-10 days.


Contact Information
If you qualify for the discount, the membership will be 75% off, or $125 for the Equipment Access membership only.
Do you qualify for one of these? You will need to show current proof.
You will need to show an id that matches your public assistance paperwork.
Attach Files
If you do not have an electronic copy of your paperwork, you will need to come by our offices. Contact to coordinate a time to at 700 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80204.
Payment Plan
You can cut the payment into two installments of $72.50 and $62.50 (including a $10 processing fee). For more information:
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