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Our Denver-based media classes will hone your expertise in video, studio, podcasting, and editing.

Courses for the Community
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Whether you are looking to improve your multimedia skills for professional use or personal projects, we offer classes that will round your knowledge. Our unique approach to community-based education emphasizes hands-on courses, practical skills, affordable tuition, and small class sizes. Register today and master the tools you need to make an impact in the community with emerging media technologies.


With Pricing, We Value Affordability

We've priced our classes to be available to all in our community, and Denver Open Media members receive a discount on all classes, ranging from 25-50% off of the non-member rates.

Testing Out

If you have experience in Field Production and would like to get certified without having to take the Field Production Workshop, you may test out of a particular certification area for a $25 fee. Please be sure that you know the material well enough to pass the test, because if you fail you will not be certified, and you will have to pay to take the certification class. The fee for the test-out will not be deducted from the class fee. If you would like to test-out of Field Production, please email to schedule a date and time. You may not test out of Studio Production.

Minimum Enrollment

Each of our courses has a pre-determined minimum enrollment. In the event that minimum enrollment is not met, a class will be canceled and students who have already registered will be contacted at the phone number or email they provided when registering and are entitled to a refund or, if they choose, the registration fee can be transferred to a different open class.

Educational Discount

Groups who are interested in taking numerous classes receive 2 free classes for every 4 classes purchased.

Cancellation Policy

Students who have paid in advance are entitled to a full refund if they cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the class. They may choose to transfer their registration fee to a different class if space is available. Students who cancel less than 24 hours before a class and students who don't show up will not be entitled to a refund, and transfers will only be approved at the discretion of the Open Media Foundation.

Workshops for Groups and Students
Learn Your Way Around a Professional Studio

We've designed our workshops with students in mind. Affordable and interactive, our group sessions will teach you how to operate a professional television studio. 

For Youth

Since 2008, we have provided youth with the space to develop critical hands-on skills in media production. In Open Media Generation (OMG), youth explore social issues by making both short and long-form shows. 


We realize that it takes a lot of work to develop accessible curricula and to provide quality education to our community. That's why we make our educational materials as accessible to other stations and agencies as possible. Our hope is that other individuals and groups can use these resources to learn video production themselves or to teach others. Although these materials are in no way a substitute for any of our classes, our hope is that other individuals and groups will use, add to, even improve these materials and share them with us and others.