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DOM Vox Block Application Form

CPT-12 has invited Denver Open Media to curate a monthly 1 hour block to be played on their channels. This is an opportunity exclusive to DOM members and will feature the best of our original content. We are calling it the “Vox Block” in reference to the latin phrase Vox Populi (Voice of the People) showcasing the voices of DOM.

As always DOM strives to be a place of education and free creative expression, however our extended distribution networks (CPTV-12) require only professional looking content for their channels.

Due to this, videos submitted to air on these additional platforms must meet certain technical and professional qualifications:

  • Sharp Focus (unless intentional for artistic expression)

  • Steady Camera work

  • Properly framed shots (unless intentional for artistic expression)

  • Well-lit, and not overexposed

  • Clean Audio

  • Professional Graphics

  • Coherent Editing

  • No violence or swearing (G & PG only)

To adhere to the programming invitations from CPTV-12 submissions must fit into one of the following show categories:

  • Live Music Performance  

  • Music Video

  • Comedy

  • Narrative

  • Documentary